Artificial Turf Installation Residential Playground Florida

Almost everyone knows what an artificial turf is. It is a type of faux grass manufactured mainly for the playing grounds for the games like football and hockey. The product is prepared by embedding suitable type of threads in a base material to obtain a layer that when laid on the ground resembles the look and feel of real grass very closely.

It was invented to be used in playing grounds but it is now very popular for home décor and is being used extensively for this purpose.

Artificial Turf Florida

Living in Florida has a number of charms but with that come the elevated costs and maintenance fatigues when it comes to home décor. In case you are a lover of natural beauty and greenery, the tension is even worse. The maintenance of a garden with real grass takes a lot of time and it is must to have a gardener for that. Even a single day of carelessness can lead to the loss of the looks of the garden altogether. Moreover the water bills are tremendous when the garden is watered daily. The best solution in this is artificial turf. It looks as real as the original grass and has zero maintenance requirements.

Artificial Turf Installation Florida

Artificial turf installation is a professional task. Though you can do it yourself but the quality of the turf and the service life are compromised. A team of professionals is required to install the artificial turf at the target area. The process generally takes a day or two and after it’s completed your lawn will look like a well maintained lawn of real grass. The process comprises of the following steps in general

  • Removing the existing grass
  • Preparing the base
  • Weed protective measures
  • Laying the artificial turf
  • Filling the voids

Artificial Turf Cost Florida

The cost of artificial turf depends on the type of turf you want to have installed. A number of qualities of the turf are available in the market from which you can choose the one of your liking. Generally the turf can cost from 30 Dollars to 90 Dollars per foot of a 15 Ft wide sheet. The installation costs are separate. This may be a little more than the initial costs of real grass but it is more economical because

  • It has no subsequent maintenance cost
  • It’s looks never deteriorate
  • It is durable and can last up to 20 years
  • It does not need a person to constantly look after it

Artificial Turf Residential Florida

Not a very long ago, the main customers of the artificial turf were the hotels and other consumers which have to maintain very large green lawns for landscaping but now the general home owners are also preferring it over normal grass due to its maintenance free nature, constant looks and longer life.

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