Artificial Turf Installation Residential Playground Fort Lauderdale

Having a lawn in the front of your house is one of the perfect ideas of having an amazing house. But every good thing comes at a certain cost. The cost of maintaining a lawn is too much when you account for your personal efforts, the costs of a gardener and the costs of water bills. This can be overcome by having artificial turf instead of real grass in the lawn.

Turf was once meant only to be used for hockey and football grounds but now it is being used in homes for lawns and in hotels etc. for landscaping on a quicker pace and with no tension of maintenance.

Artificial Turf Fort Lauderdale

Living in Fort Lauderdale has a number of charms but with that come the elevated costs and maintenance fatigues when it comes to home décor. In case you are a lover of natural beauty and greenery, the tension is even worse. The maintenance of a garden with real grass takes a lot of time and it is must to have a gardener for that. Even a single day of carelessness can lead to the loss of the looks of the garden altogether. Moreover the water bills are tremendous when the garden is watered daily. The best solution in this is artificial turf. It looks as real as the original grass and has zero maintenance requirements.

Artificial Turf Installation Fort Lauderdale

Turf installation consists of the following steps

  • Removal of the existing plantation

The area is cleared of any grown or wild grass or other weeds to prepare it for the installation of the turf

  • Preparation of the base

The base consists of a layer of crushed stone which is made porous to facilitate drainage

  • Weed protection

The prepared surface is treated with some special chemicals to make it free from weed growth for next decades

  • Laying the artificial turf

The sheets of artificial turf are laid on the target area to cover it fully.

  • Filling the voids

Voids between the successive sheets are filled

Artificial Turf Cost Fort Lauderdale

Frankly speaking, the artificial turf costs quote a bit in the initial installation. It can cost from 20 to 90 Dollars for every foot of a 15 feet wide sheet but the following advantages make it actually cost effective when compared to the traditional grass.

  • It has no maintenance cost
  • It’s looks never deteriorate in any season
  • It is durable and can last up to 20 years
  • It does not need a person to constantly look after it
  • It does not cause allergies like pollen allergy


Artificial Turf Residential Fort Lauderdale

Initially the turf was used only by the consumers like the hotels and other places which had to maintain large lawns and landscaping constantly. The costs made it infeasible for the regular home owners. Now the competition in the field has made it feasible for the home owners.

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