Artificial Turf Installation Residential Playground Miami Beach

Who does not need to have a lush green lawn in the front of their home? Definitely more than 94% of the people want it. Who wants to have the headache of maintaining a lawn of grass? Absolutely no one wants to do that. You can now have a lush green lawn right in front of you house without any maintenance cost. This has been made possible by the artificial turf. This was initially used in the playing grounds but is now being used in houses and at other places for landscaping.

Artificial Turf Miami Beach

Miami Beach is one of the most attractive locations in the entire Florida to live in. To have a perfect home in this area, the must thing is to have a lush green garden or lawn. These lawns increase the beauty of the house many folds and make it soothing to look at. Maintaining such lawns is a constant headache. You skip watering for a couple of days and the lawn is spoiled. Moreover the costs of water bills and gardeners are like a constant monetary pressure on the household. All these tensions can be overcome by having artificial turf instead of actual grass.

Artificial Turf Installation Miami Beach

Artificial turf is meant to be installed by professionals. Though the home owner may install it themselves but the perfection level is not achieved in that case. In order to have the best looks and the longest service life of the turf, you must get it installed by the professionals of the field. Just for your information, the installation process consists of

  • Removing the existing grass
  • Preparing the base
  • Weed protective measures
  • Laying the artificial turf
  • Filling the voids

Artificial Turf Cost Miami Beach

Thought the initial cost of the artificial turf is high, it is economical in the longer run. It costs about 20 to 90 Dollars per foot of a sheet of 15 feet width. This cost may seem to be too much, but if you consider the following advantages it has in the real grass, you will feel it is worth the cost.

  • It has no subsequent maintenance cost
  • It stays green throughout the year
  • It is durable and can last up to 20 years
  • It does not require constant look after
  • It causes no allergies like the real grass

Artificial Turf Residential Miami Beach

The time is gone when only the playing grounds were the places to use the artificial turf. Now it is being used everywhere. Residential areas are some of the chief consumers of the product. This is because of the maintenance free nature and the long service life of the turf as compared to the real grass. Owing to this people are willing to pay higher costs in the beginning.

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