Artificial Turf Installation Residential Playground Miami

What a nice idea it seems to be to have an eternal green lawn with absolutely zero maintenance! It used to be only an idea until a decade ago. The artificial turf, which was originally made to be used in football and hockey grounds, is now being used for lawns and landscaping and it performs as good as real grass both in looks and touch. The  best part of having turf instead of grass is that it needs no maintenance at all and stays green forever.

Artificial Turf Miami

Miami is the city known for its looks and the looks are never complete without lush green gardens and lawns. These gardens and lawns are a headache when you have to maintain them but the artificial turf has made it very easy to have a lawn of any size without having the tension or the financial pressure to maintain it. The grass lawns need constant care for watering, cutting and fertilization. All these things need time and money to be done. In order to have a maintenance free lawn, the only solution is artificial turf. Artificial turf can be used for

  • All types of lawns
  • Lawns in the infertile areas
  • Lawns on higher stories where grass cannot be grown

Artificial Turf Installation Miami

Installing artificial turf in an area is not a DIY task. Though you can do it yourself but you can surely not attain the level of perfection as by the professionals. The professionals make it look even better than the original grass and complete the installation task in a very short time. Just for your information, the process consists of the following steps

  • Removing the existing grass
  • Preparing the base
  • Weed protective measures
  • Laying the artificial turf
  • Filling the voids

Artificial Turf Cost Miami

When talking of the cost of the artificial turf, you may be upset by the initial costs as it may cost from 20 to 90 Dollars for a foot of 15 foot wide turf but once you consider the costs you would face if you have to maintain the same area with real grass for 20 years, you will realise that the turf is not very costly. Some of the things making the ‘costly’ artificial turf economical are:

  • Maintenance is free
  • It stays green forever and is always fresh and green to look
  • Its service life is more than 20 years

Artificial Turf Residential Miami

Residential areas have started using artificial turf more than ever before. The turf was once only used by the playing grounds because it was too costly. Now the people have realised that it saves them a lot in maintenance and performs better than the actual grass. Now they are using it more and more for home décor.

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