Artificial Turf Installation Residential Playground West Palm Beach

Artificial Turf is not something new. It was initially made to be used on football and hockey grounds to make the whole ground uniform and make all the grounds in the world up to a single standard. The turf has been performing very well in that respect but recently a new use for it has started. It is being used in homes. Not for making playing grounds but for general landscaping. The reason it is being used is that it does not need any maintenance and has a very long life.

Artificial Turf Palm Beach

Palm Beach is known for the lush green gardens found everywhere but with the passage of time we are being more and more engaged in our lives and are not able to maintain the lawns and gardens the way they are meant to maintain. Artificial turf enables us to have the same lush gardens with no worry of maintenance. The artificial turf can be used in the following scenarios

  • All types of gardens and lawns
  • Places where real grass cannot be grown due to some reason
  • Places where watering is costly
  • Places where the real grass is not supported by the ground
  • Virtually any place where a lush look is required

Artificial Turf Installation Palm Beach

Installation of an artificial turf in a ground is a professional task. It can be done by the home owner himself but the professional results and looks cannot be attained in that case. In order to get the best look and the best quality of the turf, it is highly advisable to have the job done by a team of proper professionals. The process however consists of

  • Getting rid of the grass already grown
  • Making a base for the installation of the turf
  • Protecting the area against future growth of weeds
  • Laying down the turf and securing it to the ground

Artificial Turf Cost Palm Beach

The artificial turf may seem to be costly when compared to the real grass. It costs from about 25 to 9- Dollars per foot of a 15 Ft wide sheet. The increasing rates mean that the turf will have more natural look and a longer service life. The initial costs may be high but it is still economical to have artificial turf because of the following reasons

  • It does not have to be maintained
  • It always looks fresh regardless of the season
  • It lasts for 20 to 30 years
  • It is zero-maintenance

Artificial Turf Residential Palm Beach

Initially the artificial turf was only used by playing grounds and was much costly to be used by normal home owners. Now, it is increasingly being used by home owners across the world mainly to get rid of the tension and costs of maintenance of a real grass lawn.

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