Fake Grass Install Crafts Carpet Lawn Florida

Fake Grass Florida

Human beings have always strived hard to make their homes look great. Most of the times, a lush green garden is the requirement to call a home to be well decorated. This lush green garden however costs a large sum of money as well as requires great deal of attention to be maintained properly. Even a single day without proper care can cause it to lose all the charm and the looks it has. The solution to all this is the fake grass. Fake grass is maintenance free and stays lush forever.

Fake Grass Florida

The state of Florida is known for being fertile and green. Green fields, gardens and lawns area part of the culture of Florida. Fake grass can be used in the following scenarios and many more

  • Gardens and lawns of all types in general
  • Higher storey lawns where actual growing actual grass is impossible or complicated
  • Hostile environments where the land does not support grass
  • In pet houses to make them easy to clean
  • Places where real grass is not economically feasible due to high water bills

How to Install Fake Grass Florida

A team of professionals can install fake grass in a day or two in a home. More time may be required for larger areas. The process includes:

  • Removing previously grown the real grass

In the area where real grass is already present, the grass is removed by mechanical or chemical methods to prepare the ground for installation of fake grass.

  • Making the base layer

The ground is levelled or made in to the required profile and a layer of crushed aggregate is laid on it to make the base for fake grass.

  • Weed Protection

Chemical weed protective agents are used to make the area free from weeds for next two to three decades. This ensures that no weeds will grow through the fake grass to spoil its looks during the service life.

  • Laying the Fake Grass layer

The fake grass sheets are laid and the area is totally covered with them.

  • Applying fillers

In case the area is covered using multiple sheets of grass, the seams between them are filled with special fillers to make the area seamless and look totally original.

Fake Grass Carpet Florida

Fake grass is not only made to be used on a piece of land permanently. It can be used on a place for time being and then can be used on another place just like normal carpets. The fake grass carpets give a unique look to the area and are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Fake Grass for Crafts Florida

Fake grass for crafts can be used in functions and events to give them a distinctive look. These are just like the fake grass carpets and can be installed/laid for a short time and them folded and reused.


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