Fake Grass Install Crafts Carpet Lawn Fort Lauderdale

Fake Grass Fort Lauderdale

Since the prehistoric times, the human race has tried to make their living places and workplaces beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Nothing has been more useful for this purpose than the grassy gardens, lawns and landscapes. In the ancient time, man had plenty of free time to look after the grass but now, we are so much busy in our lives that it is not possible. The grass in the lawns is a very delicate commodity and gets damaged quite easily. In order to make the lawns evergreen and maintenance-free, the best solution is the fake grass. Looking and feeling like real grass, this is virtually maintenance free and stays green forever.

Fake Grass Fort Lauderdale

In the city of Fort Lauderdale, the artificial grass can be used in the following places and many more

  • All types of gardens, lawns and landscaping
  • Elevated lawns where maintaining the real grass is difficult
  • Places where the ground is not suitable for the growth of real grass
  • Areas where pets are kept
  • Anywhere else to get rid of the skyrocketing maintenance and watering costs

How to Install Fake Grass Fort Lauderdale

Fake grass can be easily installed as a DIY process or a team of trained people can do it for you.

  • Removal of the previously grown real grass

If you are replacing the real grass at an area with fake grass, it must first be removed.

  • Preparation of the base

Crushed stone is used to make a levelled and stable yet porous base for the artificial grass. This will support the grass and act as drainage layer in case of spillage on the grass.

  • Protection Against weeds

If the artificial grass is being grown on a layer of soil which is suspected of having potential of growing weeds, chemical weed retardants are applied. These chemicals ensure no weeds will grow in the area as they can spoil the looks and structural strength of the grass.

  • Laying the Fake Grass layer

After a stable base is made and protection against the weeds is sought, the next stage is the actual application of fake grass.

  • Covering the Seams

Fake grass sheets are available in specific sizes only and they are laid on the ground. If the area is larger than the largest sheet, there are seams between successive sheets which are then covered.

Fake Grass Carpet Fort Lauderdale

Fake grass carpets can be used when an area is to be artificially covered by grass for a short time. They can also be used indoors to give the rooms a distinctive look.

Fake Grass for Crafts Fort Lauderdale

If you like to give a wedding or a function a naturally green look, fake grass for crafts is the best solution for you. A barren land will be converted into a lush green lawn in a matter of some hours.


M3 Fake Grass and Artificial Turf is the name of trust for providing the best fake grass in the whole state of Florida. We will be pleased to do it for you. In case you have any project concerning fake grass, contact us to have it done by the professionals at the best rates.