Fake Grass Install Crafts Carpet Lawn Miami Beach

Artificial Grass Miami Beach

As a part of the human nature we want to have the best and do the least for it. Unfortunately, destiny has not made that possible for us in all the cases but in some things that is possible. One such case is that of having a lush green lawn in front of your house while having no tension to maintain it. This was not possible a couple of decades ago but now it has been made possible. It has been made possible by the invention of fake grass. Only the name is fake grass otherwise it is at par with the real one in all the visual and tactile characteristics.

Fake Grass Miami Beach

In the area of Miami Beach, the fake grass can be useful for

  • Home owners who cannot take care of their lawns
  • Hotels where the large lawns make maintenance costly
  • Other places where grass cannot be grown due to any reason and lush look is required

How to Install Fake Grass Miami Beach

Installing Fake Grass is not like growing grass somewhere. It can be done in a day or two at max. The process consists of:

  • Clearing the area of real grass

First of all the area is cleared of any plantation done on it. It can be done by mechanically removing the grass etc. on the area or by using chemicals to kill the grass and remove it.

  • Preparing the base

The base for installation of the fake grass needs to be porous and water conducting. This is achieved by making the base from crushed stone and aggregate. This layer disposes off any fluid spilled on the grass.

  • Ensuring no weeds grow

Of weeds grow underneath the fake grass, they will destroy it. Chemical plant growth retardants are used which ensure no weeds will be able to grow in the area for two to three coming decades.

  • Laying the Grass

After the base is prepared, the grass sheets are laid on it to cover the area totally.

  • Making it seamless

The seams between any two sheets of the grass used on the area are filled with fillers to make the grass look as original as it ought to be.

Fake Grass Carpet Miami Beach

Fake grass is not only installed permanently. It can be used as a carpet on a place. It is laid down like a normal carpet and gives the look of a well maintained grass field and it can then be rolled off and placed anywhere else. Such fake grass carpets can even be used indoors to enhance the looks and décor of a room.

Fake Grass for Crafts Miami Beach

If you want to make a barren piece of land become lush for a short time, fake grass for crafts is there for you. In a matter of some hours, the area will be converted into a lush green gardem.


M3 Fake Grass and Artificial Turf is the name of trust in the field of landscaping with fake alternatives of real grass. Contact us to have the job done at the best rates  today.