Fake Grass Install Crafts Carpet Lawn West Palm Beach

Artificial Grass Palm Beach

What if we tell you that you can have a lush green garden that is excellent to walk-on bare footed, pleasant to see, soft to feel and relaxing to lie down upon and yet needs no daily watering or cutting? You would probably doubt it but it is now possible. Fake grass has made it possible. Fake grass – the item made originally for playing grounds of hockey and football is now a thing to be used in every home and we, M3 Fake grass and Artificial Turf will do it for you.

Fake Grass Palm Beach

Palm Beach has a reputation of being a green city but the recent increases in the wages of gardeners and the prices of water and electricity has made it impossible for a regular home owner to maintain a real grass garden. You can use fake grass for

  • Any lawn to get rid of maintenance costs
  • Lawns on the elevated floors where watering may damage the building
  • Infertile lawns
  • Places where pets are kept as it can be easily cleaned
  • Places where you cannot look after the real grass and it’s looks are spoiled

How to Install Fake Grass Palm Beach

Installing fake grass is not a difficult process. It can be done easily by following the steps listed below

  • Removing the real grass

If the target area already has some real grass planted on it, the first step is to remove the grass. The best way to do it is by using an indiscriminate weed killer which ends all the plant life in the area.

  • Making the base layer

The base layer is made by crushed aggregate. It serves as the platform to lay the artificial grass on as well as the absorbent layer to accumulate and drain any type of fluid that spills on the grass.

  • Weed Protection

This is one of the most important steps. Weed protection is necessary to prevent unnecessary and undesired weeds from growing through the fake grass. This can be achieved by using weed-preventives which retard the growth of weeds in the area for next 25 to 30 years.

  • Laying the Fake Grass layer

At this stage you lay the fake grass on the area, completely covering it.

  • Applying fillers

If the area is covered by more than one sheets of the fake grass, fillers are applied to make the fake grass garden seamless.

Fake Grass Carpet Palm Beach

If you want to have the fake grass in the indoor conditions, the fake grass carpets can serve your purpose very well.

Fake Grass for Crafts Palm Beach

If you want to conduct a function on a piece of barren land but want to have the looks of a lush lawn, fake grass for crafts may be utilized.


At M3 Fake Grass and Artificial Turf, our goal is to provide you the best fake grass option suitable for you within you budget. In case you want to have it installed, contact us.