Our Time-Tested Turf Services

Here at M3, we pride ourselves with having a HUGE assortment of turf and grass services for our customers to enjoy. We definitely do not cut any corners with regards to variety, so when choosing us you can always know you are having the full package treatment. We put our customers first in everything we do, so we know you will love our turf work!

Wondering what types of turf grass installation and services we offer here at M3?

Sporting Arenas and Fields

M3 works on a wide array of sporting arenas and related fields. This list includes soccer fields, football fields, basketball courts, baseball fields, plus more! Having a passion for sporting ourselves, we definitely will work tirelessly to have your teams playing on the highest quality arenas and fields around!


The majestic beauty of playing a round of gold just got easier with M3. After all, golf is meant to be enjoyed, right?  We service public and private courses, and also will work on backyard holes as well. Golf is a true love of ours, so rest-assured we will put our all into our work with golf. Trust me, when it comes to spicing up your golf course with fabulous turf and greenery, M3 is here for you!

Pet Turf

Here at M3, we supply the best pet turf around. This includes turf that is safe for your animals, consequently eliminating the brown spots and embarrassing spots. You and your pets will love our unique turfs, awesome services, and great, low prices!


Our top of the line playground turf is safe and ready for your kids to walk on. It is also some of the most durable green turf in Miami! That way, your kids can play safe and in style!


If you are ready to spruce up your garden or home area, our high quality turf is here! It eliminates the cost with regards to maintenance, while simultaneously helping our beloved planet. Sounds great, right?

Swimming Pool

When you want to add a great touch to your pool area, M3 can help with its low-maintenance, beautiful turf grass. It can really add another element of style to your pool area and beyond. Considering the problems related to natural grass and pools, this choice is a no-brainer!

Green Roofing, Terraces and Balcony Turf

When turf grass is installed by M3, we can turn any random spot within your property into a green, noticeable beauty. We pride ourselves on spicing up your beloved properties and we make sure to do it right!

Give us a call!

Here at M3, we provide a wide array of services. When you are ready to upgrade to turf grass and landscapes, we sincerely hope you consider us. We will do everything we can to make your beloved home look marvelous and we are poised and ready to prove it. When it comes to turf grass and your cherished properties, our customers love our hands on variety and services!


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